“We heard shouting, cursing, moaning. We saw people running backwards. We were shocked. We understood that it was fan’he said witness who, together with his friend, were near the scene of the murderous attack that claimed the life of 19-year-old Alkis Kampanos.

The witness, with whose examination the trial of the 12 defendants continues for the 9th day before the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki, was riding in a car and was randomly passing by the scene of the crime, but their course was stopped when the two were in front of them from three cars used by the defendants.

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“I was with my friend. We had gone to Tuba for dinner and we were returning home. We happened to be passing by. We saw three cars: one turned left and the other two stopped in front of us, so we stopped there,” the 20-year-old, who – as he explained – was sitting in the passenger seat, began his testimony. Untangling his tangle of memories, he went on to say that he saw 4 to 5 people get out of the two front vehicles. “They started running towards there (s.s. point of murder). We heard some voices, we said they would argue. I saw most of them with hoods, 2-3 didn’t have them, but I didn’t see clear faces […]

They cursed him Mars, they cursed him PAOK, each other,” he said, stressing that he was in shock. Asked to answer if he saw what was happening at the scene of the killer, he said that “I didn’t have good eye contact». He testified that two people “were not exactly at the incident”, but near the above two stopped cars “between the first and the second”. The witness testified that he saw the trunk of the first car being opened, from which “something, like iron, wood – it was something long” came out, with this description contrasts with what he had testified to the police when the report about the trunk was about the second vehicle. This contradiction was also pointed out by the district attorney, with the witness stating several times in his testimony that “Does not remember”.

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He mentioned that he heard about him death of Alkis the next day and when he and his friend discovered that there were videos circulating on the Internet showing their own car, “we were afraid of getting involved and that we would get the ball too”, so they decided to report to the police. His examination continueswhile among the witnesses who have been called to testify today is his friend who was driving the car.