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European program for the wolf that returned naturally, after many years in the Parnitha National Forest, will be implemented by the environmental organization “Kallisto”.

This is “LIFE WILD WOLF”, in which Callisto is a partner and will be implemented in eight European countries by a consortium that includes universities and research centers, ministries and self-governing authorities, protected area authorities and forest offices, hunting associations and environmental non-governmental organizations organizations coordinated by the Italian Institute of Applied Ecology (IstitutodiEcologiaApplicata – IEA).

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The project aims to manage cases of wolf interaction with human activities and will be implemented in rural, urban and peri-urban areas in Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, Italy and Greece with a focus on more urbanized areas.

According to a relevant announcement by “Kallisto”, the project will seek the active participation and cooperation of all interested parties active in the Forest, while it will implement techniques and practices expected to limit the wolves’ dependence on man-made food sources in peri-urban areas, and therefore the chances of hybridization of the species with dogs, overall contributing to maintaining or enhancing the natural ecological role of the wolf as a predator of wild game and limiting as much as possible the unwanted interactions of the species with human activities.

The Natural Environment and Climate Change Organization (OFYPECA), supervised by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, also participates in the program as a partner.