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See seven bars with programming to enjoy Carnival right now


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Matheus Ferreira

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You don’t have to wait until the weekend to get into the Carnival mood in São Paulo. Some bars in the city already have warm-up programming starting this Thursday (16) and Friday (17) with disco, live music and theme parties.

You can enjoy the party with Afro-Brazilian, electronic and even rock rhythms. Check out seven addresses to enjoy the revelry from now until Tuesday (21).

people sitting under a white awning in a bar

people sitting under a white awning in a bar

Bar Terr3no, in Barra Funda. – reproduction


Bar with ample space —built in an old parking lot— brings DJs for pre-Carnival parties. On Thursday (16), DJ Ariel Freitaz will lead the party with Afro-Brazilian and electronic rhythms. On Friday (17), the music is with Lian DJs, the duo Lia Macedo and Ian Nunes, who move between Carnival classics and contemporary Brazilian music. Both parties are free, start at 6 pm and end at midnight. The bar will also have special programming for public holidays.

Terrain. R. Brigadeiro Galvão, Barra Funda, west region. Instagram @terr3no


On Thursday (16), the space in Vila Madalena hosts a show by singer Brvnks, in addition to a DJ set by Dago Donato, from 6 pm to midnight. On the eve of Carnival, on Friday (17), the Lesbian Futurist party takes place, animated by songs chosen by DJ Flávia Duarte, scheduled for 6 pm and ending at 2 am. The bar will also have a show by Febre 90’s, on Tuesday (21).

Loud Bar. R. Aspicuelta, 194, Vila Madalena, west region. @baralto.sp


In Pinheiros, Lote brings Carnival programming on Saturday (18) with three DJs who promise carnival hymns: Nuts, Diogo Strausz and Lia Macedo. Then, on Sunday (19), there will be Brazilian acts with Ubuntu, Bernardo Pinheiro and Mary G. On Carnival Monday (20), Sanny Pittbull brings funk with miami bass, followed by the sounds of Lys Ventura. Finally, on Tuesday (21), Lote closes Carnival with piseiro, forró and brega with Mel, Ad Ferreira, Swing da Mainha and Becca Incendiária. Parties are free until 4:30 pm. After that time, the ticket price ranges from R$ 30 to R$ 50.

Batch.SP. Rua Padre João Gonçalves, 80. Pinheiros, west region. At 4:30 pm. @lot.sp

Tatu Bola: Tatuapé

The bar will host shows on the days before Carnival. On Thursday (16), at 7:30 pm, there will be a sertanejo presentation. Then, on Friday (17), Marcio Ricardo brings pop rock from 8 pm. On Saturday there is a pagoda at 3:30 pm and pop rock starts at 8 pm. Entry is free.

R. Emília Marengo, 559, Vila Reg. Beans, east side.

snail bar

As it warms up for the festivities, Caracol receives DJs Eli Iwasa and Nana Kohat on Thursday (16). On the eve of Carnival on Friday (17), Amadopeace and Bernardo Pinheiro liven up the dance floor. On Saturday (18), it’s the turn of the Rotação Brasil collective. The bar is open from 7 pm to midnight, without a reservation system, and does not charge admission.

Rua Jaguaribe, 76, Consolação, downtown. @caracolbar

from there

In Barra Funda, Dali has programming for every day of Carnival. It starts on Thursday with DJ UIU, who plays Brazilian music. On Friday, Samba Cafuçú performs. Then on Saturday, the bar receives Dj Rodrigo Bento. Sunday de revelry receives the Bloco Tropical Eletrônico, DJ Ariel and Show Donatinho. Samba da Tamarineira is the attraction on Monday. The special program ends with the Bloco Festa Piranha. Parties run from 4pm to 10pm. Events are free.

Rua Conselheiro Brotero, 71, Barra Funda, west zone. @dalidaquibar


Famous for its beach chairs, Miúda begins its Carnival program on Friday with the Baile das Puras + Panka$ party, at 6 pm. On Saturday, Descupa Tudo Coisa brings Djs and pagoda from 4 pm. The party on Sunday, at 4pm, is Antidote, with DJs like Jabutaya and Ana Guimarães. On Monday, Djs Dolci and Nuts cheer up Opa! at 4pm. Program closes Afreekassia and Deekapz close the program at 16h. Tickets vary between R$15 and R$25.

Girl, Praça Olavo Bilac, 28, Barra Funda, west side. @miudabar

Source: Folha

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