His deep sorrow for his tragic loss Moses Elisaf, expresses the Central Jewish Council of Greece (KISE), in a resolution it issued after today’s extraordinary meeting, on the occasion of the sad news of the death of its second vice-president, president of the Israeli Community of Ioannina and mayor of Ioannina.

“Moses Elisaf was an intellectual with a wealth of knowledge, who goes beyond the limits of medical science, with a particular sensitivity to the literature related to the Holocaust. A man who passionately defended the principles of Justice and human dignity”is emphasized -among other things- in the KISE resolution.

The multifaceted personality of the deceased, his action and many years of contribution to his city, the Israeli Community of Ioannina, the KISE and the Greek Jewry that he served with dedication and self-sacrifice, were referred to during the extraordinary meeting of the Board of the KISE by its president, pointing out like Moses Elisaph “he served Medical science by writing hundreds of scientific books and teaching thousands of students of the University of Ioannina, selflessly providing his medical support to every person who needed it”.

“The citizens of the city of Ioannina honored him with their vote by electing him as Mayor. Moses Elisaf was the first Greek Jew to be elected as Mayor”is recalled in the resolution of the KISE, which will be represented at his funeral, while it was decided to allocate a sum of money for charitable purposes in his memory.