According to the Police, a 49-year-old man who was arrested in Thessaloniki was an important member of an international drug trafficking ring. A case was filed against him for violation of the Law on Addictive Substances.

The arrested person imported quantities of illegal substances from Albania with the aim of further trafficking them in the Greek territory and specifically in the urban complex of Thessaloniki. Its role was to receive, transport, store and distribute drugs within the prefecture of Thessaloniki.

The 49-year-old was spotted yesterday, on Thessaloniki – Michanionas Avenue. In subsequent investigations, the following were found and confiscated in the vehicle he was riding in and at his home in the area of ​​Toumba:

– packages of raw hemp with a total weight of more than 43 kg, most of which are carefully hidden in various parts of the vehicle (gear levers, floor, trunk, etc.),

– 8.8 grams of raw cannabis mixed with tobacco,

– 2 mobile phones,

– 2 truck wheels, which he had opened to receive a quantity of raw cannabis and a nylon package with visible residue of raw cannabis

The arrested person will be taken to the competent prosecutor.