A protest was held at the Souli Town Hall at 11 am by producers of the Paramythia plain and local organizations demanding a final solution to the debts to the PPC of the Local Water Improvement Organizations.

In the plain of Paramythia, approximately 3000 farmers and breeders are active, who for two months have been faced with a power outage at the pumping stations by PPC.

PPC cut the power to the 7 pumping stations in the area due to debts of approximately 1.6 million euros that have accumulated over the last few years.

As Giorgos Minis, an agronomist and producer, explains to APE-MPE, the issue also has a social dimension, because farmers are being led to irreversible economic disaster.

The Region of Epirus supports the efforts of TOEB to find a solution to the permanent supply of electricity to the pumping stations.

“The support of the Primary Sector is high on the agenda of the Region of Epirus. The Regional Governor Al. Kahrimanis has made proposals to the Prime Minister himself and the competent ministers to find a solution for the repayment of the debt of the TOEBs to the PPC, but also for the support of the farmers regarding the reduction of energy costs”, he states to APE -MBE, Stavroula Braimi President of the Epirus Regional Council and former Mayor of Souli.

“The economy of the region is being destroyed,” points out the Mayor of Souli, Yiannis Karagiannis.

Sources: thespro.gr./APE-MPE