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At the Patras Prosecutor’s Office and the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, a father of a 1st grade boy filed a complaint against his child’s school because at a school party the teachers played trap music (trap means “trash rap”) with lyrics inappropriate for children of this age .

“Unacceptable for a Primary school party and even more despicable that they had a competition and had the children sing these songs, rate them and applaud them! We are talking about school children and this year my son is in the 1st grade of elementary school,” said the parent to pelop.gr.

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The little boy came home and happily told his parents that he sang “Madame” in karaoke (it’s a blast for the little ones) and even scored an 8 out of 10!
The father contacted the Parents’ president, who told him that the child had gone to the party with his mother, so there was an adult chaperone, so there was no problem!

Also, in a phone call he made to the Directorate of Primary Education of Achaia, he was informed that since the party took place outside school hours, there is no responsibility!

After all this, the father appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office of Patras and Minors!