With coffee pellets vulnerable social households in Karditsa will be warmed, with the initiative taken by the Energy Cooperative Company in collaboration with the municipality.
Vulnerable households in Karditsa will be heated economically and with many environmental benefits, following the initiative of the Energy Cooperative Company to create pellets from coffee residues.

“We have put a bin in the center of Karditsa, so that the cafes can throw the leftover coffee there. This venture piqued the interest of a school, when the children in collaboration with teachers they decided to do a school project to pick the coffee themselves and then store it and give it to us. The children “run” it for three months and do it systematically, as a result they collect almost 1 ton of coffee so farVassilis Filippou, member of the board of directors of the Energy Community of Karditsa, told GRTimes.gr.

Then, the Cooperative Society, with the help of the organization InCommOn “entangled” the coffee residues with the urban pruning of the municipality of Karditsa – which created a problem for the municipality – and in this way a product was created, which was given on February 9 to the Social Grocery of the Municipality. Karditsa. “Specifically, we gave a ton of pellets to warm up the socially vulnerable households of the region” added Mr. Filippou.

In addition, in addition to the utilization of coffee, pellets can also be mixed between wood and coffee, in order to produce the specific biofuel.

According to the member of the Board of Directors, the Energy Cooperative Company of Karditsa was founded in 2010 and the initial purpose was to produce electricity from biomass residues. Since 2017, a unit has been operating in Karditsa, which processes agricultural, basic, urban and industrial residues, producing pellets at the end. “For the last few years we have been trying to involve the citizens in this process, with the aim of passing the message of the circular economy that we want and actually finding some forms of biomass that come into daily contact with the citizens. We are trying to develop an ecosystem, which will exploit and utilize the wealth of the region to produce a product.”

A kindergarten is heated by coffee pellets in Karditsa

The Energy Cooperative Company of Karditsa, in collaboration with the Municipality, replaced the oil boiler in a kindergarten in the local community of Kallifonio, with one that burns pellets, with the result that the school completely covers its heating needs.

In addition, the Energy Community has 400 members, while businesses and the Prefecture’s Municipalities participate in it.

Finally, he adds that the purpose of ESEK “is to switch to electricity in the coming years”.