The circle of testimonies, doctors and nurses of the Hospitals that had welcomed her Georgina, begins today in the Joint Jury Court where Roula Pispirigou is on trial for both the murder and the attempted murder of the 9-year-old child.

After the testimony of the estranged husband of the 34-year-old woman, from today the people who will shed light on the charge of attempted murder that allegedly took place inside the Karamandane Children’s Hospital of Patras will be on the witness stand. They are all the scientists and staff of the Hospital where on April 8, 2021 Roula Pispirigou took Georgina saying she was showing convulsions.

Georgina was admitted to the Hospital on the same day. A few days ago, on March 21, six-month-old Iris had died who slept in the same room as the 9-year-old. Georgina had already experienced the loss of her sister Malena almost two years before.

Georgina on April 11, 2021 and while, according to the case file, she did not present any problem, she suffered an obstruction which was dealt with after a superhuman effort by the doctors for about an hour. The little girl had been saved, but came out badly “caught” as the low oxygenation of the brain resulted in Georgina being paralyzed in the extremities.

According to the will, the opposition of the 9-year-old due to ketamine poisoning from her accused mother, an admission that Pispirigou herself denies and disputes as a scientific fact.

Regarding what happened in Karamandanio when the first child of the Daskalaki family was admitted healthy and came out a quadriplegic, the Investigator of the case received statements from about 20 doctors and nurses who had been in charge of that fatal admission.

Among these deposits, it seems that some have a special value both for the scientific data that they quote as well as about the mother’s behavior in general. Some of the experts who will appear in court are said to have emphasized that the tests carried out on the child did not find any evidence that could explain the convulsions described by the mother, and that they had not detected their “images” in the electroencephalogram that they had done to the 9-year-old.

One of the depositions also seems to emphasize that while Pispirigou was still in the outpatient clinic, she pushed hard to be admitted.

However, the depositions will also be crucial specific nurses and doctors who were present when the child suffered the seizure. The mother’s reaction seems to have made an impression on them as they accuse her of being subdued in relation to the criticality of the situation. The “alarm” in the unit was raised by a nurse who saw the bruised child.

After the statements of his doctors and nurses Karamandaniou they will follow those of the doctors of the University Hospital of Rio, Onassios and Aglaia Kyriakou, where Georgina ended up on January 29, 2022.

All the statements that will be heard from today in court will shed light on many critical issues of the case as doctors and nurses will essentially describe the beginning of Georgina’s end. A path that ended when the child ended up in Aglaia Kyriakou nine months after being admitted to Karamandanio.