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After three deadlines that he has received, today – unexpectedly – the founder of the NGO Ark of the World father Antonios he will deliver through his lawyers to the Juvenile Prosecutors his explanations as a suspect for the commission of offenses involving one felony charge and one misdemeanor charge against minor children.

Father Antonios has called upon to counter the serious complaints of children hosted in its structures Ark concerning sexual acts, but mainly heaps of abusive and offensive behavior, for which the two Juvenile Prosecutors, Aikaterini Kopelakis and Dafni-Kyriaki Tsichli, ask him to formally formulate his position before deciding on their next moves.

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The priest, through his advocates, is expected to deliver today a multi-page memorandum where he will refute what is attributed to him by children who lived in the structures of the Ark, claiming that he accepts a targeted war.

The subpoena sent to father Antonio concerns the felony of indecency against a minor on a continuing basis, with the case file including two cases of guest boys. At the same time, he is asked for explanations for the crime of moral culpability in bodily harm to weak persons in a series.

The charge of indecency under investigation concerns the complaints of a 19-year-old, now former guest at Kivotos’ house in a town in the province, and a 15-year-old boy.

The adult complainant of sexual violence was allegedly found in a Kivotos structure at the age of 6 and left there some time ago. According to information, in the statements he gave, the adult describes specific incidents of sexual acts by the priest in the form of harassing gestures on his body.

The 19-year-old has testified that he endured these indecent and offensive sexual gestures, without reacting as he was afraid that if he expressed his discomfort, there would be consequences for his mother and younger brother who lived in an NGO apartment.

The audited cleric strongly disputes the allegations against him, denying that they have any basis.

In addition to the priest, seven employees of Kivotos, of whom three were in Athens, two in Volos and two in Chios, are also being investigated as suspects for misdemeanor abusive behavior, between 2020 and 2022, at the expense of guests in NGO structures.