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On the trail of two cruel Albanian gangs, who, during a heated argument between seven of their members, in a cafe with hookahs in the area of ​​Nea Ionia, killed an unsuspecting compatriot, 39 years old, who was sitting nearby and was not related to them , ELAS is located.

According to the latest information from police sources, after the collaboration of the Homicide and Extortion Prosecution Departments of the Attica Security Directorate, four members of the two gangs, all of whom are around 30 years old, have been identified.

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The two criminal organizations are allegedly involved in cases of drug trafficking, shop protection and human trafficking, while the headquarters of one, according to ELAS, is a nightclub on Liosion Street.

The luxury black jeep-type vehicle that the perpetrators abandoned outside the Nea Ionia coffee shop, after the murder, was also parked several times outside the specific Liosion club.

According to the same police sources, it is considered certain that the members of the two gangs could not escape to Albania after the murder of the unfortunate 39-year-old plumber, who was shot in the shoulder blade by a person who pulled out a gun and started shooting inside the cafe. It is recalled that the victim, who was watching a careless football match on the store’s television, was seriously injured and expired two hours later at the KAT hospital, where he was treated.

What the police are waiting for are the results of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations on the DNA found in the car abandoned by the thugs after fleeing the cafe.

According to ELAS, the results will “shed light” on the actions of the perpetrators and in particular if and in what other criminal actions they may be involved.