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General lien on movable and immovable property at the expense of a well-known TV producer and presenter (collaborating with the Alpha and Mega TV stations) was ordered by the head of the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, honorary deputy prosecutor of Arion Pago Charalambos Vourliotiswhich in its multi-page opinion includes findings of extensive criminal activity.

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According to information, from the Authority’s investigation, as stated in Vourliotis’ conclusion, evidence of systematic money laundering in Greece and abroad emerged, while in addition to the well-known television producer, seven other people are allegedly involved, while a total of 13 companies have been identified that have been checked.
The findings of criminal interest from the Authority’s investigation were those that led Mr. Vourliotis to a general seizure of mobile phones and real estate for the well-known television producer as well as seven others.

According to information, from the Authority’s investigation, the television producer appears to owe the public in taxes and other, about 22 million euros.
However, in addition to the asset pledges, which have already been notified to all credit institutions, Mr. Vourliotis forwarded his 80-page conclusion to the Financial Prosecutor, from whom calls for criminal charges to be brought against the TV producer and the other seven, for defrauding the public, tax evasion, setting up a criminal organization, money launderingwhile other persons involved in the illegal actions are already being sought.

The producer-presenter’s answer

The well-known producer-presenter responded to a publication that mentioned his name, via social media, clarifying:

1) I have been working professionally for the last 20 years in more than 7 countries, having businesses in various industries. My professional activity, as well as my businesses, have been repeatedly audited around the world without ever being charged with anything illegal.

2) I wonder how Documento knows that I am controlled by some authority, while I, the “controlled”, have not been notified of anything related.

3) My professional activities in recent years in the Greek territory concern television productions of well-known television shows that are broadcast by almost all national television stations. The TV productions of my businesses are available to everyone through the stations. Expenses and payments are transparent and accessible to everyone and concern journalists and suppliers as well as other corporate obligations. This has been found in at least five financial audits that have been done in recent years. Also, on a personal level, the authorities have at their disposal my whereabouts, which fully shows the sources of my income around the world.

4) It is a standing principle of my companies and I to cooperate and facilitate the authorities in the exercise of their work. We will do this in the future whenever necessary.

5) I will not allow anyone to discredit me or my companies, which employ hundreds of honest workers, and I will take all legal actions against those who publish or reproduce false news or use personal or company data illegally.