The Greek Police, in view of the celebration of Halloween and Maundy Monday, is taking increased traffic measures on the entire road network of the country until February 27, 2023.

The planning for the three days was carried out based on the Strategic Planning of the Hellenic Police Headquarters, for full and continuous activity of all Traffic Services and includes:

policing of the road network by sector, based on the particular traffic conditions of each area, increased police presence and enhanced policing of the points of the road network, where a frequency of road accidents is observed, increased traffic measures at the entrances and exits of large urban centers, where a lot of vehicle traffic is observed , traffic regulation with pedestrian traffic wardens, at key intersections, to avoid traffic congestion, increased traffic measures in places where mass passenger traffic is observed (airports, ports, stations, etc.), traffic regulations in places where festive events will take place , the presence of traffic wardens at the Toll Stations of the Country to facilitate traffic, to inform and provide advice to drivers and passengers and to inform citizens through the Press Offices, in any case where it becomes necessary to inform the public widely about the existence of any traffic and other problems.

What is planned for the three days?

At the same time, the plan provides for the formation of special traffic control teams, at alternating points of the road network, focusing, among other things, on the verification of dangerous violations, as well as violations that, based on statistical data, are responsible for causing serious traffic accidents, such as: driving under the influence alcohol, excessive speed, use of a mobile phone while driving, failure to use a protective helmet – seat belt, illegal overtaking and crossing of a double dividing line, etc., failure to use special means of restraint and protection, such as seats, seat belts, etc., when transporting children in vehicles, driving vehicles by minors and people who do not have a driver’s license, driving to demonstrate ability, traffic of vehicles that have not undergone a regular or emergency technical inspection within the specified period, worn tires and abnormal vehicle movement in the Emergency Lane (E.E.A.).

Throughout the implementation of the measures, both the personnel and the means of the Hellenic Police, mainly the Traffic Police Services, will be on increased operational readiness. Specifically, patrol cars, motorcycles and conventional vehicles will be made available, with the corresponding personnel and equipment for the effective policing of the country’s road network.

Truck ban for the three days

It is noted that, during the three-day festive period, the bans on the movement of trucks with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tons will apply.

The Hellenic Police, on the occasion of the upcoming holiday season, reminds once again to all drivers and road users that road safety is everyone’s business.

In this context, it recommends to citizens:

– Before traveling, to perform a technical check on their vehicle and to be informed about the state of the road network and weather conditions.
-Be especially careful while driving and observe the rules of the Road Traffic Code.
-To respect the road markings and comply with the instructions of the traffic police.
-Do not use mobile phones or other distracting devices while driving.
– Not to consume alcoholic beverages if they are going to drive.
– To protect the children riding in the vehicle, using child seats.
-To necessarily “wear” seat belts, just like helmets on motorcycles.
-Use anti-slip chains, where there are special traffic conditions (frost, etc.).
-Not to overestimate their driving skills and the technical capabilities of their vehicles.
-To respect and protect fellow passengers and fellow human beings who use the road network, driving their vehicle responsibly and carefully.