Reporting by Makis Synodinos

Crowds of people have come down to the fish market of Varvakeio since the morning to get the traditional Lenten dishes.

The President of the Central Fish Market of Athens, Vassilis Simos, is satisfied with the movement so far and the response of consumers to the prices.

As he said, the “Fish Market Cart seems to be working” while 6 “codes” with low prices have been entered into it.


From Lent, dishes have been added to the basket:
– The red shrimp (12-14 euros per kilo),
– the gambari shrimp (9-12 euros per kilo),
– cuttlefish (10-13 euros per kilo),
– the small thripsalo (5-6 euros per kilo) and
– the small squid (9-12).

According to EFET’s advice for safe consumption during Lent, attention must be paid to the differences between squid and sardines in order not to deceive consumers, given that the value of squid is more than twice that of sardines.

There is a characteristic morphological difference between squids and squids: in the form of their fin.

Squids have a diamond-shaped fin that runs the length of their body, while the fin in thrapsals is triangular in shape and more flattened. When the two species are exposed fresh on ice it is easy to tell them apart, because the squids have ten tentacles of similar length, while the squids have two characteristic tentacles longer than the remaining eight.