Last Thursday, a small student of the 5th grade in a primary school in Volos was found in absolute deviation.

The child in a furious state was overturning the desks in his classroom, while he threatened to kill himself, first saying that he would put his fingers in the socket, and then threatening to fall from the railings of the building.

According to information, this is not the first time that this particular student has caused such an episode. In this particular case, the school management was forced to call the police, as the boy’s parents refused to go, with his father characteristically saying that “he has to go to work and cannot be involved”.

Due to the parents’ indifference, the case reached the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office in Volos, where it was deemed necessary for him to be involuntarily hospitalized in the psychiatric ward of Achillopoulei.

The little boy was examined by two child psychiatrists, who judged that the child has behavioral issues and needs monitoring, but not at the level of hospitalization or confinement.

Parental indifference plagues Magnesia – no supportive environment for children with behavioral problems

The above is not the only case of children with behavioral problems where parents are indifferent.

In a recent update to the Juvenile Prosecutor in Volos by the relevant social services, two cases of children who do not “go” to school, having an excessive number of absences, were disclosed.

In particular, a primary school student in Volos has more than 370 absences, while a high school student in a village in South Pelion has the same number of absences, with social workers speaking in both cases about children who live neglected in an inappropriate environment without proper hygiene conditions.

Also, three cases of children in primary schools of Volos who are dealing with psychological, behavioral or even delinquency issues that they manifest in the schoolrooms became known.

In all three cases, the alarm bell rings, as both the children themselves and their parents do not show up for the appointments scheduled by KEDASY with psychologists and social workers.