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A multi-member gang, whose members are accused of having committed 33 thefts from electronics and mobile phone shops, in various areas of Attica and Evia, was dismantled by the Property Crimes Department of the Attica Security Directorate.

During an organized police operation, which took place yesterday, Thursday, February 23, 2023, 11 members of the criminal organization were arrested, including the leader.

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A case file was filed against the arrested for the specific offenses of criminal organization, forgery, money laundering, accepting and disposing of proceeds of crime, disobedience and the laws on weapons and drugs.

According to ELAS, the defendants have been operating since the summer of 2022, while they invaded target stores in pairs and while they occupied the employees, one of the members deactivated the sensors of the alarms and removed products.

As part of the searches, carried out in four houses, they found and seized, among others: Pistol with magazine and replica pistol, semi-automatic carbine, bayonet, knife and cartridge, 2 cars, a number of mobile phones, sim cards and electronic devices, mobile phone packaging, fake ID and driver’s license, cards and passbooks of various banks, as well as a small amount of cannabis.

It is noted that the arrested, who were brought to the public prosecutor, have been accused of similar offenses in the past.