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About 10,000 people, police said, gathered in central Berlin today to demonstrate in favor of negotiations with Moscow and against the delivery of arms to Ukraine, a year and a day after the start of the Russian invasion.

The rally was organized by far-left political figure, Zara Wagenknecht and the feminist Alice Schwarzerthe gathering, had the central slogan “Rise up for peace”.

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The gathering was considered controversial by many as figures from the far-right party participated in the initiative.

Under the Brandenburg Gate, Wagenknecht and Schwarzer took the floor to call for “diplomacy instead of handing over arms” in front of thousands of demonstrators who braved the cold.

“Negotiate, don’t escalate,” read a placard held by one protester, while a banner in the crowd read “Not Our War.”

From February 10 Wagenknecht and Schwarzer have also launched an online petition called a “manifesto for peace” that has more than 645,000 signatures.

According to a Berlin police spokesman, other demonstrations by the same movement have been announced, as well as counter-demonstrations. Fearing clashes, police mobilized around 1,400 officers. However, the gathering was peaceful and, according to the police, no far-right organizations participated.

Authorities had banned protesters from wearing military uniforms, holding Russian and Soviet flags, sounding Russian military marches and carrying far-right symbols.

The German Finance Minister, Christian Lindner expressed his opposition to the rally, saying on Twitter that “Anyone who does not stand by Ukraine is on the wrong side of history.”

Yesterday Friday, on the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, several demonstrations against the war in Ukraine took place in Germany, including one also at the Brandenburg Gate, which was illuminated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.