Last minute Lenten items as well as fresh vegetables, shellfish and molluscs and of course freshly baked lagana will be bought by consumers tomorrow as the market will be open – the lays, Varvakeios, Agora tou Rentis and food shops.

The Panattic Federation of Professional Associations of Folk Market Sellers points out in its announcement that the folk markets will operate normally on Clean Monday.

From the evening of Sunday until the evening of Clean Monday, the shops of both Varvakeiou Agora and the Consumer’s Market in OKAA will operate traditionally.

For Clean Monday, Varvakeios will start operating from 21:00 on Sunday until midday on Clean Monday.

Also, food stores will operate normally on Clean Monday in order for the consumer public to purchase Lenten foods.

Accordingly, the shops in the Consumer Market in Rentis will be open from Sunday morning until the afternoon of Clean Monday, while on Saturday they will also remain open from morning to late afternoon.