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Thousands of young men and women in Patras, for about five hours, broadcast their enthusiasm throughout the city, but also to the thousands of visitors, their explosive joy, participating in the great parade of the patrnal carnival, which took place after three years, without limitations.

At the same time, they conveyed in the most optimistic way the hopeful message of joy for life, offering during the great parade a unique spectacle with their dancing, singing and ingenuity.

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At the head of the parade, which started shortly after 2:00 in the afternoon, was the president of the public benefit enterprise of the municipality of Patras, “Carnival of Patras”, Ira Kouri, the members of the Board of Directors. of KEDIP and the members of the advisory and jury committee of the 2023 carnival.

Watch the whole parade:

This was followed by the municipal music that played carnival purposes, the cheerleaders and the floats of the municipality, prominently, the usher, the carnival king, the queen’s float and the flower float that respectively hosted this year’s queen of the paternal carnival, Katerina Veneri – Siuli and the queen of the three previous carnivals without a parade, Maria Kyriakopoulou.

Immediately after, the floats “Imagine”, “Hell Oil”, “Rabbit Test Show”, “Facebook”, which combined artistic expression and satirical mood, as well as the children’s carnival floats “Iguana”, “Moon” paraded , “Carnival Man”, “Witch”, “Dog”, “Centipede” and “Cicada”.

Afterwards, the representatives of chocolatier associations offered the mayor of Patreon, Costas Peletidis, the basket of chocolates, while the carnival team of “Strategies”, with their impressive vehicles and their “elevated” guests, was the link between the carnival floats laboratory of the municipality and the stream of crews that followed.

In their impressive costumes and inspired hats the approximately 50,000 carnival-goers, members of the 139 crews of the “Hidden Treasure”, dressed in all their miniatures and many of them accompanied by their impressive chariots and massive wheeled structures, paraded scattering color, imagination, aesthetics and ingenuity.

In fact, current events were often at the center of the carnival creation, while there were also satirical, artistic and humorous topics.

The thousands of carnival-goers with their colorful and torrential momentum captivated the eyes of the thousands of spectators, who had flooded the sidewalks, Georgiou Square and the balconies of the apartment buildings in the center of the city.

The grand parade ended with the tradition of the chocolate war, which has not changed over the years.

This year’s carnival events will be completed at 9:00 in the evening, when the closing ceremony will take place at the pier of Agios Nikolaos, in the northern port, with central elements being the burning of the carnival king and the launching of fireworks.