A large number of people gathered on Clean Monday in Gergeri, Gortyna Municipality, to experience the climax of the “Apokrigiomas”.

Organized by the Association “Barelofronon” Culture & Development of Gergeri, with the support of the Region of Crete and the Municipality of Gortyna, Dionysian customs were revived, such as the “bear bearers” that were passed down from generation to generation and have reached our days.

The “Arkoudiarides” dance “furious” under the background of “bear” music as the echo of Psiloritis echoes around them.

“This is a custom that characterizes the carnival spree in mountainous Rouva. The bearers take to the streets creating pandemonium with the sounds of bells and dancing to their own frenetic rhythm. The dancers are trago-shaped bell-ringers, who are tied with ropes to each other and the leader of the group tries to lead them”, says Kostas Hatziminas, the head of communication of the Association of Drummers.


The “Apokrigiomata in Gergeri” is an institution unique in Greece, with events that refer to the cycle of life, the history and the cultural identity of the place.

Of course, the feast was set up early in the main street of Gergeri, with a feast, plenty of wine, raki and Lenten delicacies.


Source: Cretalive.gr