Maximou Meeting for Omicron and Schools: Opening on Monday 10 January


The outbreak of coronavirus due to the Omicron mutation and the opening of schools on January 10 were the focus of a regular meeting held under Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the Maximos Palace.

For schools, all views seem to converge that they should normally open on January 10th. The committee of experts will meet tomorrow, Tuesday, and its suggestions to the government are expected. The final decisions will be announced on Wednesday or Thursday.

According to information from SKAI, it is possible that the number of self tests that students will have to do each week will increase.

There are also discussions that the opening of the schools should be accompanied by a rapid test for all students, a project with difficulties, as the volume of tests that should be done in a weekend is very large.

“The intention of the Ministry of Education, our orientation and strategic goal, is to open on Monday,” the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Alexandros Koptsis, told SKAI this morning, assuring parents that children are safe in schools that operate within the most limited framework. that exists.

Regarding the course of the pandemic, scientists expect the peak of the pandemic wave in our country around January 20 with tens of thousands of new cases daily.

The models developed by the team of Professor Nikos Tzanakis “show” 48,000 to 52,000 cases on average and peak between January 18 and 25 and that of Professor Demosthenes Sarigiannis 65,000 cases on average and peak between January 19 and 22.

Yesterday Sunday, EODY announced 17,633 new cases of coronavirus in our country in 78,679 tests, with the positivity skyrocketing to 22.41%.

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