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With the testimony of the doctor, who together with her colleagues faced the opposition that Georgina suffered at the Karamandane Hospital, the trial of Roula Pispirigou continues before the MOD.

Pediatrician Eleni Stogiannidou referred to the medical incident they were called to deal with in April 2021, a few hours after they had recommended that Georgina be discharged, as no problem had been identified. He also testified about the agonizing 50 minutes that doctors spent trying to revive the child, saving his life. Georgina, however, due to the low oxygenation of the brain during this dramatic period, came out injured, as she suffered quadriplegia.

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As the witness characteristically said, when she went to the ward where Georgina was: “I saw a child dead”, stressing that the mother did not give a tone of urgency when she notified the doctors. The mother came with “a simple knock on the doctors’ door.”

Referring to the moment when the accused notified them that the oximeter was ringing, the doctor said that Pispirigou did not give them a sense of urgency and that the nurses were the ones who called out when they saw the child.

Witness: He said “come into the room because the oximeter is going off.” She was cool.

President: Didn’t he say why he was knocking?

Witness: No

President: What did you do?

Witness: I didn’t go immediately because it didn’t give a sense of urgency. I finished the envelope I was writing and then went to the room.

Two nurses were already there. I heard their voices and sure enough I heard the oximeter ticking.

President: What did you see? Describe a child dead…

Witness: He had withdrawal symptoms.

Chairman: Where was the oximeter?

Witness: I don’t remember that in the panic. I called the anesthesiologist..First his team came and then he..We did CPR, alternating massages for around 50 minutes. The child was intubated and transferred to the intensive care unit.

The doctor emphasized to questions she received that Georgina’s clinical picture could in no way lead to a prediction for her, given that the child had been examined a few days earlier by a cardiologist. He also said that a few hours before Georgina ate skewers that her mother had ordered.

According to the witness, the mother, before the child was interrupted, had reacted “aggressively” when she was told that they did not see a pathological problem and that she could be discharged. “Will you discharge this child?” Pispirigou asked them, according to the witness, who said that he justified her because she had lost two children.

When the witness was asked to describe the image of Roula Pispirigou at the time of the episode, she testified that she was waiting outside the room and then fell into the doctor’s arms…

President: Why did you get the impression that she was aggressive as you said?

Witness: I was impressed by her aggressive tone.

President: Isn’t that common?

Witness: Some behaviors stick with you.. . That’s how I understood it, it wasn’t something unjustified. Many parents react…

The questions of the defendant’s defense mainly related to whether a full cardiac examination was done on the child before he suffered an arrest, as her position is that no detailed examination was done.