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KAE Aris against Tsarouha: “Indifference to public safety – Attempt to destroy us”


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Rage in its ranks KAE Aris gushed about Nick Galis Hall’s arbitration and eviction order to yesterday’s match with Peristeri bwin. In their statement, the “yellows” emphasize that no one understood why Vaso Tsarouha ordered the evacuation of the field, while adding that the international referee did not care when it was pointed out to her that there was a serious risk of incidents due to the completion of the PAOK football match. The Thessalonians speak of an attempt to annihilate Aris and massacre referees, put EEC and KED in front of their responsibilities, while at the same time they ask Vaso Tsarouha to ask for an exception from the team’s matches in the future.

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The announcement in detail:

“The truth is that this year’s championship is the most exciting in recent years. Competitively, but also because they (continue to) fascinate us with the comic tragedies that happen off the court as well.

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Our team has been the victim of massacre referees. But this, it seems, is not enough. The “protagonists” have developed their methods and seek, since ARIS does not bend on the floor, to bend him outside competition.

Only as an attempt to annihilate this year’s (over)effort of our team can we perceive the ridiculous things that took place yesterday (05/03), in the match against Peristeri Bwin. ARIS played with many racing problems, again the whistles were against him, but it seems that simply losing the victory was not enough. He had to be deprived of the presence of the fans who have made all of Europe talking about them for 3/5 of the match, or zero. These were the two options that Mrs. Tsarouha left us, without anyone realizing why. Not even the television cameras, which we resorted to in order to find out if what was written on the score sheet actually happened.

But the people of ARIS spoiled the plans. Despite the given and justified indignation, he vacated the field in the blink of an eye, precisely so as not to see the (over)effort of Yannis Kastritis and his players being thrown into the wastebasket for a (repeated) whim. Or maybe it’s not just a whim…

We admit that the first thought of KAE ARIS was not to give any order to evacuate the stadium. There was no reason to do this, despite the order of the “mistress” of the fight. But when the smoke clears, how do we explain to our coach and players that what they earned on the court is being taken away from them? And the ability to claim something important? Nihilism and the almost certain punishment of the headquarters made us think before the emotion “speaks”.

So, what happened happened, with our group friends delivering, again, lessons. The time, however, when ARIS allowed himself to be “manipulated” by those who want to move the strings in the Greek league, has passed irretrievably. Our team will pursue by all legal means the overturning of what happened yesterday, even if the case needs to be dragged on after the end of the season.

However, there is an issue even more serious than the injustice against our team. The risk to public safety caused by the decision of the Greek referee. When he was informed, also by the Police itself, that the evacuation of the stadium could be extremely dangerous, due to the fact that the PAOK – Ionikos football match was ending at the same time, he did not care. She had made her decision, regardless of the cost…

We understand the desire of our fans not to referee our team’s match again. The regulation does not allow us to request an exception. We, for our part, ask her to declare her unavailability in an ARIS match, since the regulation does not allow it. And because we are certain that we will find it again before us, we hold the Hellenic Basketball Federation and the Central Refereeing Committee accountable.

Decide, major basketball players, what league you want. The one that ARIS advertises in its field, or the one in which when you see that a large group is going to get back on its feet, you try to cut it off so that it does not “raise its head” (really, who is “threatened” by the course of ARIS ;). If it is the second, unfortunately for you, ARIS, on and off the court, is on such a trajectory that any effort will fall into vain. Be sure.

All this does not mean that we forget yesterday’s whistles at them, nor the time point at which the match was stopped, when ARIS made its counterattack. That is why there are competent bodies, which we believe will do their duty.

Our team got where they got with humility and low key. This does not mean that he will turn the other cheek when he is beaten. What happened yesterday, rallied even more the organization called ARIS. And this will be seen later. We will be here, until basketball is done as it should be, until whatever abscess is “braking” our beloved sport is broken.”

Source: Sport Fm

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