At least three new persons have entered the frame of criminal responsibility and those responsible for the tragedy in Tempe, according to the report of Ioannas Mandrou for “Kathimerini”.

As he states, “investigative procedures are underway in view of the convening of the plenary session of the appeals which is expected to lead in the coming days to the upgrading of the investigations by assigning them to two appellant-investigators.

According to information, the investigative authorities before whom Larissa stationmasters on other shifts, apart from the fatal Tuesday night, as well as other railway workers testify, will proceed very soon with new criminal charges for the tragic accident, as there is already aggravating evidence for participation in the responsibilities of the station master and for other people.

In particular, according to information, after the apology of the station master, who accepted his responsibility, but placed the inspector in the traffic department as well as his fellow station masters in the frame of responsibility, the investigator has gathered incriminating material for three more people.

According to information, the inspector who put the inexperienced station master on shift, the station master of the afternoon shift who had to stay at his post until 11 p.m., and the central person responsible for the shifts at the critical railway stations which are the one who gives the general directions so that the movement of passengers and the traffic of trains can be ensured.

Also, the investigative procedures are already focused on the search for the responsibility that probably had the driver of the fatal train, who lost his life in the tragic accident, as there are testimonies in the interrogation that he should have pointed out his mistake to the inexperienced station master and asked for clarifications about the wrong course of the train.”

More light on the causes of the tragic accident will be shed by the opinion of the experts – who were appointed by a prosecutor’s order – which is already ready and according to information will be submitted today to the investigative authorities.