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Christos Zampounis is one of the relatives of the victims of the tragedy in Tempi, as he lost his nephew in the train accident with 57 dead

In an emotional Instagram post, he posted a picture from his nephew’s funeral and captioned it, “When your blood is lost,” a title from the article he wrote about the national tragedy.

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As he said, “my nephew’s body was not found and my first cousin had to go to Larissa to undergo a DNA test in order to identify a body part of his son, which body, apparently, it was charred.”

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Christos Zampounis also mentions a dialogue he had with the father of the deceased young man: “do you remember asking me the other day, what is your nephew Paoktsis doing? Christos is going. It was wasted. They had gone to Athens with his friend Arianos to see their girlfriends. On Shrove Monday he took me to ask if he could stay one more day. “Of course, son,” I told him, “but on Wednesday I expect you at work.” He was so happy. Pause. “Condolences cousin.” Pause. “The bums!” You stop.”