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The discussion and passing of the bill of the Ministry of Education, concerning the “prevention and treatment of violence and bullying in schools”, was completed in the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

The bill was accepted by a majority. ND and PASOK-KINAL were in favor of his principle, while from the other opposition parties the KKE together with MeRA25 voted against and the Hellenic Solution declared “present”.

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It is noted that SYRIZA abstains from the parliamentary votes, while it had declared its opposition.

“This legislative initiative is another shot in the battle against silence. Our goal is to give a voice to children who are faced with school bullying and intra-school violence, to empower the school community, placing new weapons in our quiver against these phenomena, to strengthen our teachers and staff who play a key role. This is a problem that does not only concern the victim and the perpetrator, it concerns the family, it concerns society”, emphasized the Minister of Education Niki Kerameos.

For their part, the opposition parties accused the leadership of the Ministry of Education of ignoring the relevant bodies, not making any meaningful consultation with them, while they described the bill as “slim, incomplete and ineffective, without any provision for the prevention of the phenomenon ».