Opinion – Raw Kitchen: Barbecue to intimidate Bradesco is a dumb strategy


The organizers of barbecues in front of Bradesco branches do not understand what is going on.

They don’t understand that they won’t be able to stop the change in behavior, which globally tends to a more moderate consumption of meat.

They don’t understand that the speech of “we sustain the GDP” and “we are defamed by the environmentalists” only sticks with the reactionary beasts now in power – and that will probably be defeated in the next elections.

The guys can’t see that they could get away with embracing the sustainability cause — instead of attacking and ridiculing it. Industry monsters like JBS and BRF can see it. You can’t say these companies are Greta Thunberg.

The obtuseness of these people doesn’t let them realize that the tactics of blackmail and intimidation are a hell of a shot in the foot.

The size of the receipt that ranchers passed by displaying the claws is proportional to the force of movement to reduce meat consumption.

Roaring and bristling well on Monday – to mock the defenders of meatless Monday – was atrocious folly. It just drew attention to the movement.

Bradesco chickened out and backed off, for now. But it’s obvious that other companies know that the message of reducing the destruction of the planet is not the academic center’s pot-smoker spiel. It’s something so solid and strong that it terrifies the barbeque males at the bank.

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