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The execution of an urgent preliminary examination for the stability problems presented by the High Bridge of Serbia in the Kozani Municipality was ordered by a prosecutor.

Specifically, the order of the head of the Kozani District Court to the Kozani Police Department emphasizes the need “to take measures to completely ban traffic on the bridge, if the slightest possibility of its collapse is found”.

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It should be noted that for a few days now, the passage of all lorries over 3.5 tons has been prohibited through the bridge.

Specifically, it is requested to investigate:

1. whether the measures taken after the recent detection of cracks in the tendons of the High Bridge of Serbia ensure conditions for safe use of the bridge even for vehicles under 3.5 tons, a fact that is ordered to be ascertained by all means,

2. if, as a result of the existing restrictions on the use of the bridge, the safe movement of heavy vehicles (over 3.5 tons) is ensured by alternative routes, especially in cases where these vehicles pass through residential areas and

3. what actions have been taken to date to restore the problem of safe traffic on the Serbion Bridge and what are the reasons for the delay in solving the problem in question, (it should be noted that a related criminal case file was also filed in 2020).

The regional governor of Western Macedonia, Giorgos Kasapidis, speaking to APE-MPE, “recommended calmness”, stressing that in the last two 24 hours “special equipment has been placed at the point where the tendons of the bridge show cracks” in order for scientists to monitor at a level of even millimeters the widening of cracks.

He noted that “the result of the measurements will show whether we will proceed with the decision of a complete ban on traffic” from this particular point.

For his part, the police director of Kozani Ilias Tsiotsias said that he is waiting for the reports of the experts and the services of the Region in order to issue even within the day the traffic measures that will include “the complete prohibition of traffic in both traffic streams”.