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The whole country “paralyzed” today, Thursday, March 16, for the 24-hour strike that GSEE and ADEDY have called for the railway tragedy in Tempi, with the participation of many unions and associations in the mobilizations. The people of Larisa took to the streets of the city again with a dynamic protest gathering in the central square.

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Cyprus Street is closed and traffic is being diverted from Manolaki Street by Traffic.

The demands of the protestors across the country are that the tragedy of Tempe should not be forgotten and that the real perpetrators should be punished in an exemplary manner.

Black balloons are distributed to the gathered, while taxis participating in the strike mobilizations drove through the demonstration.

The mayor of Larissa, Mr. Apostolos Kalogiannis, also attended the gathering, noting: “Larissa has paid a heavy blood tax. It is the only city facing such problems. Either undergrounding or bypassing the out-of-town lines must be done. Many wonder what would happen if the collision took place in a tunnel. I wonder what would happen if the collision took place in Larissa, since the trains pass through neighborhoods”.

The president of the Labor Center of Larisa, G. Skokas underlined that: “We continue resolutely. Accountability and action must be taken for a safe railway.

The president of the Larissa department of ADEDY, Mr. Michalis Tziatzias, pointed out that: “Greek justice must untangle the tangle of responsibilities for the tragedy of Tempi”.