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The Board of Directors of the Athens Bar Association (DSA) decided on the abstention of the lawyers from all trials in which a certain Court of First Instance of Athens participates, due to his “disparaging and defamatory” behavior.

In more detail, in a relevant announcement of the DSA it states:

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“The Board of Directors of the DSA during its meeting on 16.3.2023 decided the following regarding the disparaging and defamatory behavior of the First Judge Mr. Antonio Bombas on 13 and 14.3.2023 at the 6th Single-Member Misdemeanor Court of Athens both regarding the issue of ignoring the decision of of the Plenary Session and of the Board of Directors for the abstention of the Lawyers after the first interruption and the removal of the Board of Directors advisor Mr. Ioannis Avarkiotis from the room with the assistance of the police force, as well as for the overall attitude and behavior of the particular judge which constitutes an insult to the legal body arrested :

(1) The submission of a disciplinary report against the specific judge to the competent disciplinary bodies of the Judiciary.

(2) The abstention of the Lawyers of Athens from all trials in which the particular Judge participates either in a single-member or in a multi-member composition

The DSA will not tolerate such behaviors that do not constitute an isolated incident but “the last drop” of our righteous indignation against the practices of specific Judges, which unfortunately, instead of being limited, are increasing all the time.

As is well known, the Union of Judges and Prosecutors in its announcement has stated that the decisions of two Bar Associations of Athens and Ioannina to refrain their members from court meetings, in the compositions of which certain judicial officers participate, “contrary to the Constitution and the laws of our country, since the constitutional principle of the natural judge is violated and therefore they are rendered inapplicable”.