Crowds of people flock from the morning for the last cheer to the great ace of football Mimi Papaioannou. The funeral of Mimi Papaioannou is being held at this time in the Holy Church of Agia Triada, in New Philadelphia. Burial will follow at 4:30 p.m. in the Municipal Cemetery of Markopoulou Mesogaia. The funeral has been undertaken by PAE AEK.

Among the crowd that paid their last respects to the great player and great man, were great footballers, many of them his teammates and opponents, but also athletes, of all sports, from younger generations.

Thomas Mavros

Between them, Dusan Bajevics, Costas Nestoridis, Thomas Mavros, Lakis Nikolaou, Nikos Sarganis, Antonis Antoniadis, Christos Ardizoglou, Stelios Manolas and many others. His teammate Kostas Nestoridis, and the ace of Panathinaikos were devastated by the loss of Mimi Papaioannou.

The AEK basketball team also said their last goodbye to Mimi Papaioannou.

Dusan Bajevic and Lakis Nikolaou

Stelios Manolas

The AEK basketball team

Christos Ardizoglou

Antonis Antoniadis

Nikos Sarganis

Dimitris Melissanidis

Bruno Alves