More greenery and low-energy lighting, smart city applications, underground bins, renovations that improve the daily life of citizens, but also a series of interventions to increase traffic include, among other things, the plan of the Municipality of Thessaloniki for the urban revitalization and economic reconstruction of ten commercial streets in all neighborhoods.

The interventions of the municipality of Thessaloniki will develop in ten commercial streets, which have been selected in consultation with the local municipal communities. These are Egnatia, Olympos, Koloniari, Panagia Faneromeni, Klathmonos, Papafi, 25th of March, Markou Botsaris, but also Venizelou and Eleftherias streets in Triandria.

All the streets included in the project will be reconstructed on the sidewalks, new low-energy lighting will be installed and an integrated network will be formed to improve accessibility and safer movement of pedestrians and disabled people.

Also, new plantings, urban equipment with environmentally friendly materials, seating areas, underground bins are planned.

Maps will be placed in the commercial zones to facilitate visitors, while smart systems and applications will be integrated, such as the creation of seating areas where electronic devices can be charged with the help of photovoltaic panels. The interventions in these ten roads are the first phase of a wider construction program.

The central municipality has already proceeded with the announcement of the tender for the assignment of the project, while for the implementation of the interventions it has secured financing of approximately 30 million euros from the Recovery Fund.

“A living and thriving city is a city that is financially strong, with strong local markets, functional, with high aesthetic value public space, accessibility and accessibility, modern urban equipment, sidewalks and greenery”, said the mayor Konstantinos Zervas in his related statement. emphasizing: “We reverse the image of abandonment, strengthen the local economy, contribute to the creation of new jobs, new incomes. Thessaloniki is changing day by day. The vision becomes a reality.”