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Dimitris Skarmoutsos this Sunday, March 19 at 5:45 p.m., is visiting the Gyzi region for the first time with “Neighborhoods on a Plate”. A densely populated district tucked between the Ampelokipi, Neapolis Exarcheion, the Courts, the Polygon and the Field of Ares.

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It was named after Nikolaos Gyzis, the Tinian painter who signed some of his works in Latin as “Gysis”.

The first destination is “Jynx” on the quiet pedestrian street of Valtinon, a warm and beautiful café that looks like it came out of some northern European capital. Here you can enjoy specialty coffee and some very special sandwiches of the day.

Right on Alexandras avenue, “Texas” is an old restaurant with spits and grills that the residents of the neighborhood know very well that its secret “weapon” is home cooking.


Descending and arriving across the field of Areos, Dimitris Skarmoutsos finds “Leilim lei”. Its name means “my beloved” and it is a Kurdish multi-cuisine cafe with Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and Greek dishes.

Returning to the studio, the chef prepares two delicious recipes: hot dog with oregano spetsofai sausages and red lentils with meatballs and cream cheese.


See you next week in another neighborhood!