Two historic buildings of Chania are being transformed into multi-cultural spaces, the restoration of which is entering the final stretch. These are the Pologiorgi and Schwartz villas (center photo).

This development was launched after the decision of the economic committee of the municipality on March 14, 2023, to assign to private engineers-studies and design offices, all the studies necessary to proceed with the restoration and reuse of both buildings.

The two historical buildings, which are declared as historical monuments, are in a state of ruin and danger. Thus, it was considered necessary to save them as important architectural creations of the past, but also their creative reuse for the benefit of the local community and for the promotion of culture in the Municipality of Chania.

For the Pologiorgi villa, as stated in the decision presented by the RES-MPE, a topographic study, geotechnical study and research will be prepared, which includes drilling and laboratory tests.

There will also be an architectural study of the building and the surrounding area, a static study, which includes a valuation study of the existing load-bearing structure and a research program on site and laboratory tests, an electromechanical study of the building and the surrounding area, and a decorative maintenance study.

Villa Pologiorgi today

The same studies as well as the decoration conservation study, the museological and museographic study, will be prepared for the restoration and reuse of the Schwartz villa in the area of ​​Aleppo.

Their future use

In particular, the Schwartz villa, after its restoration, is proposed to function as a Cultural Multispace for the exhibition and maintenance of the permanent collections of the municipality of Chania and its Legal Entities (Collections of the Municipal Gallery, Municipal Libraries) and the Pologiorgi villa, after its restoration, is proposed to function as a Cultural Multispace for various actions in the fields of contemporary visual and applied arts (photography, cinema, engraving, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, design, decoration, typography, comics), complementing and strengthening the operation of the other existing cultural spaces in the municipality of Chania (KAM, Mikis Theodorakis Theatre, Municipal Art Gallery) and in absolute synergy with the planned new cultural spaces (Neoria, New Municipal Library), making Chania a particularly noteworthy cultural center in the Southeast Mediterranean.