The bridge of the Serbs in Kozani will remain closed to all vehicles for the next period of time, due to work to strengthen it, as announced by EL.AS on Friday afternoon.

For this reason, following a decision by the Kozani Police Department, all vehicles are prohibited from crossing the High Bridge of Servia, while traffic will be able to proceed following 4 routes.

In detail, the announcement of EL.AS:

A) The traffic ban for all types of vehicles, on the Kozani-Larissa National Highway, from X/T 18+900 to X/T 20+300 (Serbian High Bridge), due to the execution of reinforcement work on the Serbian High Bridge located on the National Kozani – Larisa Road and after a Decision of the Director of the Kozani Police Department.

B) The traffic of vehicles should be carried out, following one of the following four indicative routes:

From Athens, Larissa, etc., to Kozani via the highway (E92) to Trikala-Kalambaka, National Highway Trikala – Grevena, Egnatia Road to Kozani and vice versa.
From Athens, Larissa, etc., to Kozani via the National Road of Larissa – Kozani, Elassona, Deskatis, Grevena, Egnatia Road to Kozani and vice versa.
From Athens, Larissa, etc., to Kozani via PATHE, (Athens – Thessaloniki) and from the junction with Egnatia Odos (Uneven Key Junction) to Veria and Kozani and vice versa.
Passenger cars as well as buses and trucks with a maximum height of 4 meters from Athens, Larissa to Kozani from the 30th km of E.O. Kozani-Larissa (crossroads of Avlon) – Avles – Goules – Rymniou – Rymniou Bridge – Rymniou – Aianis Provincial Road, Aiani – Agios Athanasios Municipal Road, Aianou Municipal Road, Kozani-Aiani Provincial Road – Kozani City Entrance Roundabout – Vatero – Union Road or Egnatia Odos and vice versa.

C) The prohibition of the stopping and parking of all vehicles, on the streets within the Municipal Apartments of Rymni, Aiani and Lefkopigi, through which vehicles pass according to the indicatively mentioned 4th route of the above (B) paragraph.

D) The maximum permitted speed limit on the Rymniou Bridge is set at 40 km/h, after placing the appropriate markings.