The former leader of EL.AS sent a letter with very serious points. Konstantinos Skoumas, who spoke of the discrediting of his role in the latest crises and of a conflict with power centers that led to the interruption of his term, as he typically states.

His letter in more detail General Konstantinou Skousa:

A unique criterion over time during my many years of service has been the offer to society and every citizen, without exceptions and without discrimination.

My operational ability and effectiveness are diagnosed indeed, both in managing the hybrid threat of thousands of migrants at our country’s border in Evros in 2020 and dealing with the rebellion of 10,000 migrants in Lesvos and in fighting organized crime with tangible statistical data.

The integrity of my character and the transparency of my choices are known to all the police personnel, the institutional bodies with which I worked, the Local Government and the entire civil society.

I have always believed, and this is how I have continued to this day, from every position of responsibility that I have served, that the development of each colleague must be based on merit and purely service-based criteria. With the aim of modernizing the Police and its operation in accordance with Democratic Principles and the Rule of Law. No one is above the Law, no one is above the Public Interest.

Inspired by these Principles and Values, I have always insisted that only those who, with their competence and experience, can effectively cope with their tasks be placed in critical, combat positions. I stood in the way as Chief in the stripping of Police Departments and combat services of the Corps and in the movement of police officers to positions that do not serve the social interest. I have always been at “war” with the circles of all kinds that spoil the work of the Greeks and act to the detriment of the Society.

In the latest judgments, my officially documented objections to persons were ignored in an unprecedented denigration of the institutional role of the Chief, and therefore I will not take on the responsibilities of my political superior or become anyone’s scapegoat. Recently, as the result shows, my decisions to act as the Constitution prescribes and Society requires, that is, with absolute transparency and meritocracy, did not receive the expected acceptance. In fact, it is these Principles of mine that caused intense resentment in certain centers of power, which, as it turns out, led to the violent termination of my tenure. One term, which was renewed only about a month ago.

I leave with dignity and a clear conscience and submit to the judgment of all the facts, which in the course will become even more noticeable.

Honorary Chief of the Greek Police
Konstantinos Skoumas
General e.a