Marinakis for Bennett: “Insufficient and a liar. The EPO should remove him”


The announcement of Vangelis Marinakis

Once again, Mr. Bennett and the KED insult Greek football and respond with lies to what the PAE and the Super League requested with all formality.

Mr. Bennett and the KED/EPO issued a statement that further tightens the rope in the already tense situation in Greek football.

We are therefore informed that Mr Bennett is “absolutely adamant” and states that only two of the three Super League games will be refereed by foreign referees.

With the pretext that it is … impossible for foreign referees to come due to their obligations in the National Championships and the European Championships.

Mr. Bennet is not “relentless”, he is just inadequate and lying.

In previous years, how did Messrs. Pereira and Clattenberg bring in foreign referees? Didn’t they have obligations then?

Also is it possible to refer to the European leagues now that the Champions League, Europa League and Conference are in the final stages, so there are few games?

In their response, KED and the missing Bennett talk about a small number of elite referees to hide their deception and inability to appoint elite referees.

Obviously good referees don’t come with e-mails from EPO employees like Mrs. Marinou, whom no one knows, to anonymous e-mails of the Federations of Azerbaijan and Latvia.

But they come as the previous head referees did, that is by contacting UEFA/FIFA and then personal contact with elite referees.

Despite our repeated invitations, Mr. Bennett has not engaged in dialogue with the Super League cooperative teams, presented no plan, and the results of his actions are disastrous.

At the same time, the people of UEFA/FIFA, with whom we are in direct communication, do not know the slightest about his actions!

The UEFA must immediately remove Mr. Bennett and replace him with a Chief Referee who will be able to bring in UEFA Elite referees, improve refereeing and respect the will of the teams.

Because the Super League teams are football in Greece.

The EPO and Mr. Baltakos are just hiding Mr. Bennett and Mr. Mandalo and it is time for everyone to get serious, especially in times of tension in Greek society.

Gentlemen, get serious, appoint good elite foreign referees, as the teams request and the times dictate, proceed with actions that will ensure the smoothness and progress of Greek football.

Source: Sport Fm

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