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According to Trikalanews.gr, a friend of the child’s family who allegedly set up the elderly man’s date with the minor for a fee has been placed in the authorities’ “framework of investigations” for the shocking news of an 84-year-old woman accused of molesting a minor in Trikala. .

The accused was arrested and the aforementioned as well as the mother of the minor are being sought.

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The news that has come to light about an 84-year-old man who allegedly molested a minor under the age of 17 is causing horror.

According to information from Trikalanews.gr, the case began to unfold. Trikala Security received information that an elderly man was molesting a minor in the area of ​​an old department store on E.o. Trikala Ioannina.

Security men who arrived at the scene found the alleged assailant together with the girl who has not turned 17.

The police immediately handcuffed the 84-year-old, while from the preliminary investigation, according to secure information, it emerged that a family friend of the child who allegedly made the appointment and took the money is involved in the case.

The girl’s mother is also being sought as she is accused of neglecting a minor.