Diocese of Corinth for the death of a 49-year-old priest: How do those who influenced him apologize? (video)


“Some people want to pretend that great elders are great philosophers, seduce people and lead them to death,” Corinth Metropolitan Dionysios said on Tuesday, launching a “severe accusation” against vaccinators over the death of a 49-year-old priest by a coroner.

“Now what apology do they have to give to God for this death of man and his orphaned children?” he wondered.

Praising the work of the priest, the Metropolitan clarified that “unfortunately he had his suspensions to be vaccinated while he was not an anti-vaccine, he had the fear that some people instill without thinking that the vaccine is a weapon against this disease… He was not vaccinated, he got sick hospital, suffered for 1 month, and finally ended up “.

“A tragic loss, he was called Basil and he left on the night of his feast and at the same age as Saint Basil, just 49 years old, leaving 3 children who are at a critical age.”

Is it possible, added the Metropolitan, for medicine to give solutions and for us to ignore them and say “do not listen and the devil told us that I seal them”? And seduce people? The devil never tells the truth. Do they listen to the devil and not to the Holy Synod, their spiritual fathers and ultimately the doctors?

“They are dark and backward and the solutions they give lead to death. “Very apt that a Metropolitan (s.s. Nafpaktos) said about ‘paranoid'” added Mr. Dionysios.


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