In the bill of the Ministry of Justice by which the legislation on the theft of materials on the railway network is tightened from a misdemeanor to a felony, it is also provided that the decisions of the courts of first instance for the victims from the tragic train accident in Tempewhich will award compensations to relatives of victims of the tragedy and survivorswill be immediately declared enforceable, i.e. they will immediately receive the amounts awarded to them.

The bill also provides for free legal aid to be provided to relatives of victims and survivors who want to go to court.

In more detail, a bill of the Ministry of Justice, which is expected to be submitted to the Parliament soon for a vote, provides for the relatives of the victims of the tragedy in Tempe, in terms of the satisfaction of the civil claims they will raise, while they are provided, if they wish, with free legal aid.

In the bill that is being worked on by the Ministry of Justice, provisions are included to declare the first-instance decisions enforceable, which will award compensations to relatives of the victims of the tragedy and survivors of the railway accident.

The declaration of the first instance decision as executor will lead to the payment of the compensations that will be awarded to relatives and survivors, while at the same time giving the possibility to spouses, civil partners and relatives up to the second degree, to apply to the free legal aid procedure (law 3226/2004 ) in order to claim compensation (civil claims) or to support the charge in the criminal courts, against those responsible for the tragic accident.