From March 29 to April 15, the “Godfather’s Basket” will be put into operation, which will include children’s toys, according to an amendment filed on Wednesday night in the Parliament.

With the same amendment, issues regarding the payment of income tax for natural and legal persons are regulated, while it is clarified how the compensations of MEPs are also taxed.

In particular, according to the report of the General Accounting Office of the State, the proposed amendment provides, among other things:

Operation for the specified period of time (29/3 – 15/4) of a children’s toy price observatory for the “Godfather’s Basket”.

Also, the gross income from employment and pensions includes the allowances and pensions received by MEPs.

The income tax for the fiscal year 2022 of legal and natural persons is paid in 8 equal installments.

Finally, in the event of a one-off payment of the personal income tax until 31.7.2023, a discount of 3% is provided on the total amount of the tax including debts.