BBB 23: Brothers and sisters discover participants at Casa do Reencontro


It seems that the surprise return of two participants already eliminated from BBB 23 will not be so unexpected for the brothers and sisters who are still in the house. This Wednesday afternoon (22), Bruna Griphao and Amanda Meirelles discovered Casa do Reencontro. The pair were in the Leader’s Room using the right of a card to listen in on a conversation between Cezar Black and Aline Wirley when footage of the group in another confinement surfaced. The two soon became suspicious of the leaked scenes and tried to tell the news to their colleagues.

“If they came back now they have a lot of advantage”, shouted Bruna already thinking about the next steps of the game. Domitila continued with her reasoning: “I’m sure it wasn’t a mistake” and Cezar tried to reassure his teammates with a question: “Calm down, guys… Could it be that it’s a repechage?”.

Soon after, the images of those eliminated in the Casa do Reencontro were shown on the big screen in the house, leaving the brothers and sisters apprehensive. Seeing the eliminated colleagues, Sarah felt sick and even had to be supported on the couch in the living room. “Wow, I was very nervous,” said the psychologist.

Incredulous at the scenes of Tina, Fred Nicácio and Marília talking next to a dinner table, Domitila shouts: “Congratulations, Big Boss. Congratulations”. Gabriel Santana fearfully comments on the episode: “Look, look, everyone is really there”. Aline gets scared and asks her colleagues: “My God! What’s going on.”

Source: Folha

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