In April, the platform will open for submission of applications for affiliation to “Photovoltaics on the Roof” by households and farmers.

The photovoltaic subsidy reaches up to 75% for households and 60% for farmers, with a limit of 16 thousand euros for households and 10 thousand euros for farmers, while the beneficiaries of the program – according to the Ministry of the Interior – will be able to see savings in electricity bills that reach 3 thousand euros per year.

The Program Guide was posted today on the ministry’s website

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas, made the following statement: “With the new program “Photovoltaics on the Roof”, thousands of households and farmers will be able to become energy independent, producing and storing their own green energy. By doing so, they will reduce your electricity bills and limit your greenhouse gas emissions.

In particular, with the subsidy for farmers, we support in practice the Greek region, the competitiveness of the primary sector, so that our farmers can stay in their crops and in their fields, in terms of development.

For the Government, energy democracy is not an abstract concept. It is a need that is being met, ensuring socially fair access for citizens to the green transition. We guarantee affordable, safe and sustainable energy for all citizens.”

It is noted that households must install a battery together with the photovoltaic system – with a cost subsidy of up to 100% – while this obligation does not apply to farmers. Special care is also provided for vulnerable households with the allocation of 35 million euros exclusively for them, while a special bonus of 10% is provided for people with disabilities (PWD), single parents and families with many children.

The main features of the Program are as follows:

A basic condition for submitting an application is that the applicant has already concluded a Connection Agreement with DEDDIE but that the photovoltaic station has not been connected.

Each natural person can submit a single application, for a single residence – main or secondary – which has an active domestic electricity supply. Farmers can submit one application for their residence and only one application for agricultural electricity supply.

The photovoltaic station can be placed on the roof or roof of a building (which also includes canopies, terraces, facades, shade and pergolas), in auxiliary areas of the building or agricultural land (e.g. warehouses and parking areas), or in terrain.

The total budget of the program, amounting to 200 million euros, from the resources of the Recovery and Resilience Fund, is divided into four categories:

  • 1. Exclusively for vulnerable households: 35 million euros.
  • 2. Exclusively for citizens with individual income <= €20,000 or family income <= €40,000: €85 million.
  • 3. Exclusively for citizens with individual income > €20,000 or family income > €40,000: €50 million.
  • 4. Exclusively for professional farmers or special status farmers: €30 million.

Maximum subsidy amounts


The Program will remain “open” until the available resources per category are exhausted.

The aim of the program is to fully cover the cost of the battery and the development and installation costs of the photovoltaic system. For the first two categories, the battery subsidy is 100%, while for the third and fourth categories it is 90%.

Households will be obliged to install a photovoltaic station with a battery, while farmers are given the option of installing a photovoltaic station with or without a battery.

The maximum installed power of the photovoltaic plant to be subsidized is set at 10.8kW. Accordingly, regarding the battery, the maximum subsidy is set at 10.8kWh.

The battery should be able to supply the power of the RES station for at least one hour.

Applications will be submitted through the DEDDIE online platform using TAXISNET codes.