In the serious revelation that the 59-year-old stationmaster of Larissa knew how to operate the remote control system, contrary to what he stated before the investigator during his apology, he proceeded SKAI in the main news bulletin.

Specifically, in the document-document that SKAI is bringing to the public, all the movements of the 59-year-old station master that he did on all the days he performed his shift at the Larissa station office, as well as what exactly happened on the fateful night of the accident in Tempi, are recorded. Analytically, on February 24 to 25, just a few days before the accident, the 59-year-old made 13 movements which he made from the console of the Larissa station office. From 13, the 4 is automatic engraving as it uses the electronic systems available at the station. These are movements that show that the 59-year-old knew how to operate the station’s remote control system, contrary to the argument he put forward before the investigator that he did not know how to use it.

Alongside, on February 25 to 26the station master performed 18 movements concerning the movement of trains. Also, on February 26 to 27 recorded during his shift 23 movements of which 5 are automatic engraving movementsas the stationmaster’s moves last a few seconds, from 18 to 39.

End, on the 27th of February, the 59-year-old made moves concerning the entry of mainly commercial trains. Regarding the fatal night of the accident, on February 28, it is revealed that from 10:12 p.m., that is, from the moment the 59-year-old station master was left alone until 01:39 a.m. where the accident took place, no traffic was recorded movement since apparently the 59-year-old did not use the console at all.

According to the report, the 59-year-old station master was working at the Kalambaka station on most days of February. Then for two days he does his apprenticeship at the station office of Larissa and for the last five nights of February he undertakes to work in the night shift of Larissa where on February 28th the tragic accident took place.