Mystery covers the shooting of a 16-year-old in Lagonisi, while the perpetrator is described as a foreigner with a firearm which is sought. Another 16-year-old, a friend of the injured man, was at the scene and saw the stranger get out of a car and shoot.

One of the two young men with a penetrating wound to the leg was taken to the Asclepion of Voulas by his own means. He is hospitalized out of danger and is expected to be discharged relatively soon.

According to ERT, the investigations have been undertaken by the Security Sub-Directorate of Southeastern Attica and according to the first picture based on testimonies from the children’s families, the children had neither been in trouble, nor had they received any threats.

In the second year the 16-year-old’s statement is expected to be taken who has received the fire of the unknown, who is wanted.

The incident was recorded an hour before midnight on Friday on Kolokotroni Street, in Lagonisi.

According to the testimony of a relative of one of the children, the two friends were returning from a walk when a foreigner got out of a car with black tinted windows speaking some foreign language. The tone of his voice was like he was cursing them and at 5 meters he pointed at the leg and hit the one child, so suddenly.

What the child’s relative points out is that he grabbed him by the shoulder and told him in English to come, trying to put him in the car.

The two children in a state of shock tried to run away. They even hid in a plot of land and then contacted their parents. Police forces rushed to the scene, found a 9mm shell casing, which is being examined in the police forensic laboratories. The police made four arrests, but nothing came of these people and they were released.