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They had set up illegal online casinos with permission from Russia


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A case for illegal betting and online gambling was filed by the Cybercrime Prosecution against the webmaster who, as it turned out, has been licensed in Russia.

The site was located in the context of an online investigation into illegal gambling and gambling, via the Internet and then, through the Directorate of International Police Cooperation, a request was sent to Russia for the provision of administrator information.

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In addition to betting, gambling and mainly poker were conducted through this site.

The case file was submitted to the competent Prosecutorial Authority, while the independent administrative Authority, the Gaming Supervision and Control Committee (GSC) was also informed.

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On the occasion of this case, the Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate reminds that according to the existing legal framework, the provision of unlicensed gambling services is a criminal offense, a criminal offense and the participation of players in unlicensed gambling is also.

It is also reminded that citizens can contact, anonymously or anonymously, the Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate, in order to provide information or to report illegal or reprehensible acts or activities carried out via the Internet, at the following contact details:

* Telephone: 11188

* Sending e-mail to:

* Via twitter: @CyberAlertGR

* Through the web portal (portal) of the Hellenic Police (

* Via the application (application) for smart phones: CYBERKID

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