A huge hug residents of Halkidiki opened for the three-year-old Maria from Ouranoupoli, who is fighting cancer and needs urgent surgery at a special medical center in France. The “Empathy” charity association, the Holy Metropolis of Ierissou of Halkidiki and the Municipality of Aristotelis of Halkidiki, joined forces in a lightning fundraiser, held last Sunday in the 16 communities of the Municipality, by equal groups of volunteers, and succeeded to collect 32,000 euros, so that little Maria can begin the journey of hope.

Little Maria is suffering from metastatic cervical-mediastinal ganglioneuroblastoma, which had already metastasized to the tibia and parietal bones. The child has been referred to a specialist team of doctors at a Paris clinic, who have decided they can undertake the surgery.


Both the Metropolitan of Ierissos Theoklitos, the mayor Aristotelis Stelios Valianos and the president of “Empathy” Evdokia Kasampali point out that the effort was successful, thanks to the love and strength of solidarity shown by the citizens of Halkidiki. They emphasize that the 3-year-old girl became the point of reference that united all the villages in a common life goal and that the money that was necessary to make the trip to France possible assembled within a few hours.