Alexandri: “The ‘thirst’ for the championship comes out automatically – The world is always by our side”

Alexandri: “The ‘thirst’ for the championship comes out automatically – The world is always by our side”

To be carried by his female players Panathinaikou the good psychology they have built since winning the Cup, in the A1 Women’s finals, wants Dionysia Alexandri.

The “clover” point guard speaking on her web radio EEC he also described the atmosphere after winning the Cup, the support from the “green” world and the data ahead of the finals with Olympic.

On whether they had pressure before the match:Earlier in the competition we had eliminated Olympiakos at home, so we automatically became the favourites. In combination with the fact that the team had won the Cup for 23 years, we were definitely under more pressure than it should have been. For this reason we went anxiously and nervously. Maybe we didn’t have the necessary concentration for the Cup, because our minds were focused on Olympiakos. The fact that in December we eliminated Olympiakos in “SEF” is something important to reach the Cup».

On whether he thought about the potential loss during the match: I don’t hide that when I was out of the game and I saw that we were easily getting baskets and we were “stuck” offensively, I was anxious and the loss crossed my mind. When you go in you don’t have that stress because you’re playing, but from the bench it was different. Eleftheria was very good and deserves many congratulations, because until the 39th minute we were “chasing”. In fact, in the last minute we were cooler and won».

For her intense celebrations after the conquest:First of all, when Carter made the four-pointer, a big weight was lifted from me. I have decided that I will live these moments intensely, because in some years when I won’t be playing anymore I will miss them. I try to live them as much as I can».

For the celebrations that followed:We returned from the stadium of Zofria to the “Grave of the Indian” which is our headquarters to take our cars to leave. There was a lot of police and a lot of people, fans of Panathinaikos who were waiting for us. They said “congratulations” to us, they sang with us, we lifted the Cup with them again and we enjoyed it even more. We are very happy about this, because they show that they are with us and this is very gratifying, especially in the area of ​​basketball that does not have the visibility it needs».

On the fact that they are now heading to the finals with Olympiakos:Right now we are celebrating, we have a pleasant thought, but as soon as we go to the stadium and see the scouting of Olympiakos, the switch automatically “flips”. Olympiacos is very strong. We keep the psychology that is high and try to use it to give us strength to face a strong opponent».

For the upcoming (30/03) game against Olympiakos:
The championship is a very strong title and to win it against Olympiakos is something great. The series is 2-1 and we welcome him to our headquarters. What we have to do is to defend our home ground, because it is a “life and death” match. We have such a “thirst” to win the championship that it automatically comes out to give our “soul” so that we can protect our headquarters. Our headquarters is something very important».

Edited by: Christos Lois

Source: Sport Fm

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