“For violence ahead, soul deep”say with one voice, the students of Grade 4 of the 100th Primary School of Thessaloniki, in the short film they created.
A powerful message against all forms of violence, sent by the students of the 4th Primary, of the 100th Primary School of Thessaloniki, through the short film they created with the title “The Remote Control” and with which they will participate in the upcoming Drama Short Film Festival.

In the film, which is just under seven minutes long, the young students take a stand against verbal, online and physical violence and bullyingthrough a process that according to their teacher Konstantinos Koutoulis, helped them to become aware, informed and activated.

Mr. Koutoulis, who also wrote the script for the short film, stated that the occasion for its creation was the celebration of International Day Against School Violence and Bullying, in the context of which actions and activities were carried out throughout the school.

As he said, Class 4 did a play as part of an information and awareness program, which was then turned into a short film.

He did the directing as well as filming uncharitably the director Stavros Dais was mediated by the journalist Katerina Tsavea and the musical score was made by the visual artist of the school, who has been involved with music for years, Vassilis Ioakeimidis.

The children’s teacher, Mr. Koutoulis, spoke of an easy process, as he said the specific activities that are both educational and beautiful, are liked by the children who participate in everything related to the arts.

“The message is complex, it is not unique, but it is condensed into the phrase that the children shouted as a slogan. In other words, “Violence in front, soul deep”, pointed out the teacher, adding that through the film, the four types of violence are essentially deconstructed one by one, and then we actually see how the children react to it. “So yes. They were sensitized, informed and activated,” he emphasized.

Also, Mr. Koutoulis characterized the writing of the script as easy, saying that it is something that “we live in the everyday of school life”, adding that everyone encounters such incidents and according to him, they are more important than knowledge. “Children need more psycho-emotional balance and socialization than knowledge. They will find knowledge,” he noted.

Finally he said that “students are the best teachers” as they teach us much more.