Reporting: Makis Synodinos

The entanglement of the terrorist network that had developed in our country has been trying to unravel the last 24 hours by the analysts of the Ministry of Defense and Anti-Terrorism.
After the arrests of the two Pakistanis who had planned to cause bloodshed in the Jewish synagogue, the authorities are looking for possible accomplices, who were recruited to participate in the final phase of the terrorist attack.

Police sources state that from the importations of their compatriots in a cliff in Ano Liosia no incriminating evidence has emerged against them, however, three or four people have been put under their microscope who appear to have been talking through an online messaging application with the two arrested and it is being investigated whether they had entered the core of the terrorist network.

At the same time, the forensic laboratories of ELAS are racing to debunk the messages exchanged between the two terrorists, as the police hope to provide them with crucial information about possible accomplices as well as the “route” of explosives and weapons that would cause death in the Jewish community. restaurant and the Synagogue.

The most common scenario is that they were procured by criminals who are either still in prisons or have been released from prison, as only from the area of ​​criminal crime could they procure such heavy weapons.

The case reached the EYP after information received from the Mossad. The Israeli services had the information about an imminent strike on an Israeli target in Greece. The investigation led to the two Pakistanis who had arrived illegally in Greece four or five years ago and were employed as land workers, one in Zakynthos and the other in Laconia. In fact, the house in Laganas, Zakynthos it had been investigated for a month under the guise of a drug investigation, while the accused as a terrorist, as well as his co-accused, had remained prisoners as they did not have legal documents to stay in Greece.

The houses where the two arrested lived in Laganas Zakynthos (above) and Skala Laconia (below)

House in Laconia

At the same time, investigations were carried out both in Ano Liosia and in Omonia where the two accused lived when they were in Athens.